Other Resources

Resources That Can Help You in Sweden

Find a Job (useful job boards)

1. Linkedin

The only job board you really need in Sweden. All employers and recruiting firms post their jobs on Linkedin even if they also post it through other venues. You can set up an automatic email to receive new job postings every day.

Even after setting up the email, I would still recommend checking the Linkedin job board directly once or twice a week to make sure you don’t miss anything. You can play around with different job searches as well, since job titles aren’t very standardized in Sweden.

Your best bet is to use Linkedin to comb the market. Then make a list of employers you want to target and check their websites directly for vacancies.

Some other options you could check out…

2. Nuevoo

I found many great opportunities through this job board that I would have missed on Linkedin. They are a Sweden-based job board, but you can find a lot of jobs that only require English. Look for job posting written in English and check the “requirements” section right away to avoid disappointment.

3. The Hub – All things Startup Related

A great place to go if you’re interested in joining a startup. You can find a job board with postings from across the nordics. They also have both free and paid events to build your network and learn new skills.

4. Jobs in Stockholm

This job board is mostly tech focused, but almost all of the jobs require English only. If you’re a programmer, systems engineer, or tech guru, you can find a job on this site.

5. Recruiting Firm Job Boards

I linked to the biggest one above, but there are many, many recruiting firms in Sweden that specialize in different industries. Unfortunately, most of the jobs require Swedish and a lot of these firms don’t have English websites. If you do speak Swedish (or once you learn), these are great places to spot opportunities in your industry.

Start Your own Business

If you’re more interested in working for yourself than for someone else, then you’ve come to the right place! Sweden has a great startup culture and entrepreneurs get a lot of help from the government. You can find more information on starting a business in Sweden from the government run website, Verksamt.

Arbetsförmedlingen (the the Swedish employment agency) also has a robust document outlining the business startup process in Sweden. The document was published in 2013, but most of it is still relevant today.

Meet people and build your network


Sweden has an active meetup community especially amoung expats. There are many meetups you could join to help you learn Swedish and to develop your network. Look for active meetups that connect you with the people you want to meet in your industry. (I’ll try to expand this section in the future to feature a list of worthwhile meetups).

Get some advice

Well you can always ask me! But here are a couple of other places to check out…

The Local’s Forum 

There are a lot of knowledgeable people on this fairly active forum. You can get answers to your questions from people that have lived in Sweden for a while. Watch out for the haters though! There are a few people on the forum that don’t appreciate all the great things Sweden has to offer – don’t let them drag you down!

Ask a Manager

A work advice column I love! You can find great advice on writing your resume and cover letter and a lot of entertaining questions from readers. It’s based out of the US, so not all advice is applicable to Sweden, but a lot of it makes sense here too.