Follow These Steps To Ace Your Next Interview

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Follow These Steps to Ace your next interview

Most of us put a lot of time and energy into creating the perfect resume and applying to jobs. Once the call comes in for an interview though, it’s surprising how many people think the prep work is done. But going into an interview without preparing ahead of time is the same as going into a final exam without studying. You’re basically setting yourself up for failure.

Besides, just a couple of hours of prep work before your interview can mean the difference between getting a job offer or going back to the job boards. You’ll be better prepared to discuss your strengths and past experiences. Plus as a bonus, preparing for the interview will give you a huge boost of confidence and will avoid any major surprises.

Here are the steps you can follow to feel confident you’re ready for your next interview. Continue reading

5 Best Ways to Make your Resume Stand Out

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5 best ways to make your resume stand out

1. Know your audience

If you’re applying to a mid or large firm in Sweden, there’s a high chance the person that reviews your resume and decides to call you in for that first interview will be a recruiter.

Bigger companies often use either internal recruiters or external recruiting firms to handle the first part of the hiring process (from resume screening to phone interviews).

When drafting your resume, keep this audience in mind. Recruiters haven’t worked in your field/industry and aren’t familiar with the technical details.

Ask yourself, can someone outside your field read your resume and understand the major take-aways? If you’re not sure, ask a friend outside your field to review your resume. Do they understand your achievements the way you have them written now? Continue reading

Know the Swedish Job Process from Start to Finish

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Know the Swedish Job Process from start to finish

A job hunt in Sweden can move at super speeds. You might get an offer only one or two weeks after you applied for that job… or you might hear back 2 months after you submitted your application.

How long your job hunt lasts depends on a lot of factors, but it’s nice to know what to expect from the process. So what does the Swedish job process look like from start to finish?

If you want to know what your chances of success are at each major stage, check out How to Measure your Job Search Success Rate.


What you’ll need: A resume; A cover letter; A professional photo

The application stage is pretty straight forward. Find a job you like, submit your coverletter and resume to the company, then wait for a response.

If you don’t know where to look for jobs, you should check out my Resources Page for some useful job boards.

Screening Interview

What you’ll need: Knowledge about the role and the company; Practice answering basic interview questions

Your first interaction with your employer will almost always be via email. You’ll get an email to set up a phone call – and this is your screening interview. At this stage, you’ll be asked basic questions about your qualifications and fit.

Continue reading

The Best Courses & Tools to Learn Swedish

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The best courses and tools to learn swedish

While I try to focus more on career/work related stuff here, I couldn’t resist writing a post on learning Swedish.

This is one of the most important skills you can master in Sweden. Speaking Swedish will vastly improve your career opportunities and will help you integrate into the culture.

You’ll have a much better experience living in Sweden if you speak the language.

A lot of the recommended tools that come up in a quick google search are too basic for a serious language learner. And it can be difficult to find clear information in English about the language courses available to foreigners.

So I hope I can give you more useful help. I will share the resources and courses available to you in Sweden that will help you become fluent in Swedish.

Do you know a great resource I don’t mention here? Please help other language learners by sharing it in the comments below!

I’ll start by listing off the resources and then I’ll give you my recommended mix to help you pick up the language quickly. Continue reading

The Questions you Need to Ask your Interviewer

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the questions you need to ask your interviewer

“So, do you have any questions for me?”

Some of you might breathe a sigh of relief when you hear these words.

But you’re not done yet!

Don’t forget the interview is a two-way street. Throughout the recruitment process, you should evaluate the company, position, and management as much as they evaluate you.

Working for a bad boss, in a bad position, with a bad company is not where you want to end up after a gruelling job hunt. Keep both eyes open, listen to your gut, and ask some real questions during the interview.

What you should ask during the interview depends on what’s important to you and how much time you have. Listen carefully to the answers to find out where you need to dig a little deeper with some followup questions.

Here are a few examples of great questions that tell you more about the role and the company.  Continue reading

Where You Can Work Without Speaking Swedish

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Where to find a job in Sweden without speaking Swedish

As a professional moving to Sweden, finding a job is high up on your list of priorities. You know that first job will lead to other opportunities and will help you build your network and your life here in Sweden. Plus – most importantly – it will help you pay the bills!

Finding a job you want can take some time, especially when you have a few things working against you. You don’t speak Swedish and your work history and education is not from Sweden.

A person living in Sweden that speaks Swedish and has worked for Swedish employers can land a job after only looking for a couple of weeks. It will probably take you a little longer than that.

Still, you should get an offer in your hands after a few months of effort. And, if you’re focused and do the right things, you’re basically guaranteed to have a decent job within a year (if you speak English… I’m assuming you do since you’re reading this article).

Whether it takes you a couple of months or a year depends on how you approach the job hunt and whether you target the right companies.

You’ll quickly find that not speaking Swedish is a big limitation. You need a fairly good grasp of the language to work for most Swedish companies. And there’s little point in applying to a position that has a Swedish language requirement.

Luckily for us, there are plenty of English speaking employers in Sweden, you just need to know where to look. So let’s review which companies will and which won’t hire you as an English-speaking expat here in Sweden.

By targeting the English-friendly companies, you’ll land a job in no time! Continue reading

How to Measure your Job Search Success Rate

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If you’ve been job searching for a while without much luck, you might start to wonder if you’re doing something wrong. How many job applications should it really take to land an offer? And how do you know what you need to fix if it’s taking longer than it should?

There could be a few things holding you back from getting the job you want – like your resume or interview skills – or it could be nothing at all. Sometimes you do everything right, but a better candidate happens to apply.

Try not to take rejections too personally or to let one rejection put you in doubt!

But what if you’re seeing a bigger pattern? You’ve applied to 50 jobs and haven’t even come close to an offer. Maybe you’ve only heard back from one or two places and haven’t made it past the first interview.

In a hot job market like Stockholm, you should expect to have at least one job offer after 50 applications (or less). If that’s not you, then it’s important to look at each stage of your job search to see if you’re as successful as you should be or if something needs work. So, what’s a good success rate at each stage of the process?  Let’s take a look! Continue reading